Short Stories

What may be of interest to some of my readers, is to see how writing, as a craft, gets better with practise. Hopefully you’ll be able to differentiate between the earlier writings to the latter!

The Wedding

This is the story that got me back into writing after a long five year break. I had an interesting flight across to my sister’s wedding, with two small kids and mum jokingly said, ‘you should write a story about it.’ Well I did. I wrote this in 2007 and it kick started me into writing Red Dust.You’ll be able to see how much my writing has improved, since I first put pen to paper!

Sally & Abe

Sally and Abe was written as a prelude to Red Dust – unintentionally, but it must have somehow sparked an idea! Again, not particularly well written, but better than The Wedding!


I wrote ‘Grace’ at the insistence of a wonderful writer and mentor, Angela Slatter. I was in the midst of a terrible writing block and she correctly diagnosed ‘you’re just not enjoying your writing any more. You’ve got to let go, feel the freedom of writing again.’ She sent me three one liners and I had to write 500 words. I loved this writing exercise and it really made me love writing again!