Busy, busy…

The farm is well and truly looking like it’s summer, even though we’re only in mid-October!  Some paddocks have a gold/white tinge across the tops of the plants, indicating it’s done its time. Saturday was a warm 35 degrees, so the crops won’t take long to turn, ripen and harvest will be started before we realise!

There’s has already been a bit of hay fever and dust around, much to my dislike and I have to say I was really grateful not to be put on the hay rake for any length of time, this year. I helped out for a few hours, instead of days – makes a lot of difference to me, during this time of the year, when I’m not surrounded by dust and pollen.

Swathing of some canola crops has already started.

swathing canola

Our new second hand header was delivered over the weekend and it didn’t take the boss long to take it for a test drive.

canola rows

Hayden is checking out how heavy the rows are  – think we’re going to be chewing in this paddock for a while!


kids playing

And of course a different header is fun not only for the driver, but the whole family!

I’m still busy with my edits for Silver Clouds (previously known as Silver Gums!), so between this and harvest, I may be a bit quiet!


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