Cattle are curious creatures!

Cattle are curious and destructive creatures. Most of the time, they love just munching away in the paddock or snoozing in the sun, but there are times when their inner teenager comes out and the mischief starts;  jumping fences, getting in the laneways, busting through gates… or knocking troughs around.

They love water and if they had the opportunity, I’m sure they would spend all of their time, just standing it.

Cattle also like to rub – not because they’re itchy, just because it’s something to do and rubbing on a trough, is one of the most annoying things to us humans! Often they can dislodge the top of it, make it crash on to the float (which regulates the water flow so the trough doesn’t overflow all the time) and so the floats sticks on, water goes everywhere and the cattle are happy because they’ve got something to stand in.

That’s what these girls have been doing for the past week. Every time I’ve gone to school bus, the lid of the trough has been knocked onto the float, the kids and I then don our rubber boots and try to get it back on – they’re as heavy as hell!

Hayden was helping me a couple of days ago and stepped into the trough… only to find his rubber boots weren’t taller than the water  and the water rushed into them, leaving very wet and soggy socks and boots!

The lid is chained down now, so there shouldn’t be any more trouble!

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  1. Our bull loves to get his horns under the lip of the trough then flick the entire thing out of the ground, disconnecting it from the water pipe in the process. He then just stands there looking at his handy work – we are not amused Mr Rumpity!!!

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