Celebrate and Win

I’m still in the celebratory mood! This time last year I was editing Purple Roads in the tractor, this year it’s Silver Clouds! I really couldn’t be happier!

Our Day 2 Competition is:


Place a comment below letting me know what you love about the new website and perhaps what you’d like to see?


All entries go into my old Akubra hat and one lucky winner will receive a goody bag with a bookmark, notepad, Bush Babe of Oz 2013 Calendar and a little extra surprise added just for fun!

At the end of the week, everyone will go into the draw to win a 2 year subscription (12 issues) of The Outback Magazine.

I look forward to hearing your comments – and if I can implement your ideas, I will!

Happy Reading!

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  1. Loving the easy layout, I hate sites that are too busy. Hope you understand what I mean!
    I love to read more about the farm and everyday life.

  2. I love the new website because it’s vibrant and has a relaxed, country feel about it. You could curl up with a cuppa and browse through it for ages.

    Good luck with the harvesting Fleur!! Fingers crossed this rain doesn’t slow us all down too much!!

  3. Well I would have to say that I love some of the photography (but I could be a little biased – hi BB). I also love that you have kept a windmill in your design – one of my favourite things. I would love to see an area where you share a little peek into the life of a writer. Perhaps where you write – how you write, where do your ideas come from. Maybe an ‘Ask Fleur’ type Q & A scenario. Just rambling thoughts!

    1. Post

      Thanks for your comments Gabi. I have a photo gallery called ‘Inside the Farm Gate’ and am in the process of developing a more personal one…need a catchy name…

      A Q&A type forum is next on my list…watch this space! Perhaps if there is a lot of interest I will add this in sooner rather than later. FMx

  4. I too would love to see your specified writing area, even though I know you write anywhere.

    I love the site as it shows all facets of your everyday life. I feel I have an insight into your world and can picture the books so much easier in my mind.

    Thank you.

  5. I like that there’s only a few links at the top, which doesn’t overwhelm and directs us to the important areas. Incorporating more links to the side, and information down below makes it all so clean and nice to click through.

    Real Australian recipes are always lovely to see 🙂

  6. I love the feel, look and style of your new website… Everything is easy to find… I would love to see a Library section, containing some suggested Authors or books that you have read…

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  7. I love being able to come to this site while I’m waiting for your next book to come out! It feels like I AM reading one of your books while I look at all your site has to offer.

  8. I love the way its all set out, very easy to navigate through. Always look forward to what book you will come up with next and the story it will hold.

  9. Your website is a dream to come and look through, reading about you and what books you have written. Its easy to navigate my way around, what I would like to see on this website is a place where we can go to to find other books and authors that are also set in the country or outback areas of Australia. EG Rachel Treasure books, Fiona Palmer and so on. This would make it a lot easier for people to find other books like yours to read while waiting on your new books to come out.

  10. The new site is fantastic. I love the changing banner at the top with the different books coming up. I love the blog and hearing about the happenings on the farm. Cant wait to get back over to Esperance in July to catch up with you again. I liked it when you had features on other authors, can you do that again? Cheers, Carolyn

  11. Love the website and being able to rad about you and looking forward to reading more books.. Website is so easy to follow
    . 🙂

  12. Like others I love the easy to use layout – my personal favourite area is the “About Fleur” section and in particular the “Inside the Farm Gate” pages – I love that you have opened part of your life to us as readers. I love the suggestions about a Library section – I’m always looking for introductions to different writers to explore.

  13. It’s easy to navigate and the colour are eye friendly. I really can’t stand sites where after a few minutes I feel like my eyes are bleeding because of the clashing colours but yours is great to read.

    And I love the background sunset. It’s beautiful.

  14. Hi All, once again my hardworking daughter has put all your names into a hat and Carolyn Flynn, you are today’s winner! You’ll be hearing from me shortly. Thanks for all of your comments. Fleur

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