Celebrating the release of Fool’s Gold

It’s arrived…

My long awaited brain bubble idea, I had about three years ago, is now in my hands!

Who would have thought, ten years ago, when I first started writing about Detective Dave Burrows, in Red Dust, that he would have become everyone’s favourite character and now have his own series? Certainly not me!

If you follow me on Facebook, you would have seen the “Who is the real Dave Burrows” competition running. Well, I can now reveal, the real Dave Burrows is…

The real Detective Dave Burrows

Dave Burrows, (which surprisingly isn’t his real name!) answered a phone call from me back in 2008. He was in charge of the Stock Squad here in WA, before it was shut down by the Labor government in 2009.

His knowledge of investigations and police procedures have been invaluable, in me bringing you the stories I have, and was instrumental in me spending three days with Mick Dowie from the Queensland Major Crime (Rural) squad last year.

And now, he finally has his own series.

I think that’s worth celebrating and tonight, I’ll probably be raising a glass of wine to do that.

BUT, I wanted to include you all too. So…

I have an offer for you – buy Fool’s Gold and get your choice of my other books (or backlist) at a discounted rate.

You can choose from any of the books pictured below.

And you can read about them over here.

The total cost to you will be $35.00 plus $5 postage. All I need from you is an email telling me what nooks you’d like, who you’d like them signed to and then I’ll send you an invoice. Once it’s paid, my trusty assistant will fly down to the post office and deposit them on their way to you.

If you’d like to take advantage of this offer, please email me at fleur@fleurmcdonald.com


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  1. That’s an impossible choice Fleur! I want them all! Have borrowed every one from the Library as they come out. Love your work. Keep it up 🙂

    1. Post

      Hi Di,

      Unfortunately this isn’t a competition – if you’d like to buy a book, let me know. The second book is then at a discounted rate. Fleur

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