“Chasey and Bitey!”

We don’t often let these two rascals play together – it’s not good for Buck, since he’s supposed to be learning how to chase sheep, not Jack Russell’s’ and Rocket, well he thinks he’s ten foot tall, but unfortunately, he’s nowhere near close to it! Their rough and tumble games, as Buck gets older, could leave Rocket with injuries.

But today was different. We’d had a few days where the dogs had either been on the chain or in the house. Cold, wet and miserable days! Rocket was dying for a run and so was Buck, and the thought of walking two of them together was rather daunting, so I relented. “Let them chase each other,” I decided, “and wear each other out, without me having to do anything!”

They made me laugh. Round and round and round the house they went, playing “chasey”. Rocket was ducking, diving and turning sharply to avoid Bucks sharp teeth – he tends to latch on to Rocket’s neck, when they get close!

Occasionally you’d hear a loud “thump”! I’d look around and they would have run smack into a window or tree!

As they start to become tired, the game ‘I’ve got the bone… too bad you haven’t!’ comes into play.  Rocket finds a bone and lies on the lawn, chewing it, under Buck’s watchful gaze. Buck creeps closer, one foot at a time, thinking Rocket isn’t watching, and then when Buck gets too close, Rockets snatches it up and rips across the lawn, with Buck at his heels!

And of course, as all good mates do, when the ‘work’ is finished, you need to have a drink together!

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