KTs farm life chooks

Chooks have a fabulous life by young KT

KT enjoying farm life

KT enjoying life on the farm

Introducing KT.  KT is 5 years old and lives on a farm in the Central Tablelands of New South Wales with her parents Stephen and Alison, and her grandparents Oppy and PopPop. 

KT has her own blog called KT’s Farm Life inspired by her love of farm life and her desire to share her experience on all things that occur ‘down on the farm’. 

KT’s Farm Life has become a wonderful resource used in urban based schools to educate children about day to day life on a farm and understanding the cycle of production within the farm.  

KT’s story is number 40 in my quest to feature 52 farmers (of all ages!) to celebrate the Australian Year of the Farmer.

Here is one of KT’s blogs :

Gorgeous girls

As the weather warms up everything seems to come alive..the grass in the paddocks, the baby calves, the blossoms on the trees and even the chooks!

All winter we have had hardly any eggs from the girls.

 Finally they have started to lay again.

The girls have a fabulous life I think,

a bowl of grain for breakfast..followed by some scraps from the kitchen,

 this morning…..couscous….

Followed by a spot of egg laying….

KTs Farm Life chook

Can you see what she has hidden under there?

Then perhaps if the weather is nice, a wander outside in search of something yummy!

Then as the day comes to an end they head home to roost.

KTs farm life chooks

And I collect the eggs for the day!

KTs farm life eggs

Lots of eggs!

Perhaps pancakes for breakfast tomorrow?

KTs Farm life pancakes



To read more about life on KT’s Farm go to:


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