Choose your own adventure

Did you ever read the ‘Choose Your Own Adventure’ books when you were a kid?

You know the ones where you’d read a chapter and then get given two choices, and depending on which choice you made, you’d get sent to a certain page and follow the story on from there?

I used to love them. I’d head to the library at recess, when it was cold and wet, snuggle down in a bean bag and get lost.

Sometimes I’d cheat and read ahead. Make my choices from there.

That’s something you can’t do in life. You know, read ahead, see what is going to happen and make good informed choices from there. I wonder if we were able to, if we would cheat? What if we didn’t like what we saw? And if in fact, it would ever change the decisions we make.

I was brought up to believe that we should be content in whatever situation we are in, because it’s where we are supposed to be right at that point in our life.

Some of the news I’ve been given this week makes me question that. Some of the things I’ve been involved in during the last year or two, makes me question that too.

It’s so easy to become negative – let bad issues and horrible happenings weigh you down.

Thankfully when I can walk outside and breathe the air, see beautiful surroundings, smell the rain on dry earth and hear my kids laughter, I can put all that aside and take stock.

I am lucky. I feel things deeply, and wish some things didn’t have to happen. But I truly believe there is a reason for every situation we face.

I’m not meaning to be all deep and heavy for a Friday – heaven forbid! I have fun plans for this weekend – dinner with friends tonight and a huge 50th tomorrow night.

But I’ve been sitting here, listening to the wind buffeting the house, hearing the rain of the roof and reflecting on the week that’s been. Staring into my coffee cup and just found I had to share my thought with you all. What do you think?


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  1. We all wish we could make the “right” decisions at any given point in our life but we can’t read ahead to see how it will end and to cap it all off, our hearts get involved and mess around with what our heads say! The beauty of life is that we are not all completely logical and factual – thank goodness for that. We have hearts that sing, that want to make different choices based on feelings. Sometimes this works, sometimes it doesn’t. Life Is a book an we need to keep turning the pages to see what will happen. Sometimes we cry and sometimes we laugh. Life is beautiful because it is a mystery.

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