I received a package in the mail a couple of days ago – when I saw who it was from and I felt what was in it, I knew it was full of books!

My publisher, Louise Thurtell, had sent me a wonderful assortment and over the next few weeks, when I get time away from editing Blue Skies, I’ll share some of them with you.

Books, to me, are a means of escape! Often I get so lost in the story, I won’t hear people talking to me, or the phone ringing. They transport me to another time and place, block out the world for a little while and help me experience things I never would and sometimes, I hope I never will.

Just like in Cleo.

As a Mum, thinking about the death of a child, is spine chilling. But that’s what you’ll encounter in this book. But you’ll also ride the roller coaster of emotions as a family grieve for a lost child and painstakingly learn to laugh again – all because of a cat.

I’m half way through and so far I’ve cried, I’ve been grim faced, I’ve laughed softly and loudly.

Helen Brown has crafted a wonderfully warm, poignant tale and is being rewarded for her efforts! Cleo, as I write, is sitting at the number three spot on the Allen and Unwin top ten best sellers – it’s a good spot to sit! Red Dust sat there for about five weeks! But Cleo is also sitting at the number one best seller in NZ.

Cleo is a book that must grace your bedside table and more importantly your hands and eyes! Once it does that, it will weave its way into your heart!

Helen’s web site is and I’m sure she’d love to hear from you, if you’d like to visit.

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