I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. Our family certainly did, although we and the rest of Perth, sweltered through  38+ degrees during the ‘big’ day!

It really has got me beat why Father Christmas would want to wear such a heavy outfit,  as he pops into our houses during Christmas eve. In fact my daughter reckons he wears a red Stubbies singlet, a red pair of shorts and in keeping with good Aussie tradition, red thongs!

Rudolph obviously needs buckets of water, to get through all the cantering he has to do, so there was water, Christmas cake and an energy bar left out for the hard working reindeer and Christmas Stealth!

I drove the nine hour journey home a day or so, after Christmas and was captivated by the stubbles that are turning yellow/brown and beginning to break down, after being harvested; the wide blue skies of the Wheatbelt and the vastness of the land. Yeah, there are trees, native bushes and vegetation, but you can also scan the horizon, in areas, and not see anything – just like this photo shows.

I actually found it to be quite an isolating feeling when there was only me on the road, no mobile range and it was above forty degrees and I rarely feel like that… I put it down to the heat!

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  1. We’ve just spent 3 weeks exploring Queensland and by far my highlight was driving through the outback and being in complete awe of the “wide sky”. It’s just amazing being able to see 4 times further than you’ve ever seen before, and seeing colours 5 times more vivid. I really thought I’d miss the internet & Twitter but on the days we had no coverage, I really didn’t care.

  2. This was the first Christmas in a very long time that we haven’t spent most of it on the road between various homes. Though our vast land is beautiful and awesome, I must admit it was wonderful to just pile the kids and food into the car and drive ten minutes up the road. Then drive back home and have a good sleep in our own beds. Made for a really relaxing Christmas.

  3. You may have baked in Australia but Santa needed his outfit by the time he got here, it was freezing hard when we had our candlelit carol service at 7.45 on Christmas Eve and was minus 13 when we went to church at 8.30am on Christmas Morning, glad you had a good Christmas, Best Wishes for the New Year and look forward to reading Purple Roads hopefully in 2011 – Pauline

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