I guess it could be said that living this close to the sea we have the best of both worlds. The farming with its freedom of the outdoors and the beaches.

There is something wild and solitary about our beaches that’s hard to describe.

The evening I took this photo we were the only people on the beach. The swell was roaring and the waves, even though it looks calm, were crashing into shore with a noise that’s unbelievable! The kids had to shout to make themselves heard!

The sea mist came rolling in early and by dark we could feel the dampness on our clothes. The fire kept us warm but the sea was so stirred up, all we caught was seaweed!

However, I do believe that a view such as this, a fire, company of the kids and knowing that we are going home to a farm and wide open spaces, is utter fulfilment and contentment.

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  1. I love this picture! I live 20 minutes away from a beach – have all my life – and I’ve hardly had the need to ever visit it. In recent times, though, I’ve realised how cathartic a trip to the beach can be, particularly if you are the only one there.

    I’ve always wanted a farm, too, so I think to have this beautiful beach for solitude and serenity and a farm to come home to at the end of it is definitely one of those “best of both worlds” kinda things. xx a

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