Crazy writing spots!

Well last week I wrote in the kitchen, as I was cooking. Today I’ve shifted to the spare room, because it’s really the only place I can spread out all my notes, without interfering with the family’s living area! (You wouldn’t believe the moans that come from the kids, when I take up the floor space, in the play room!)

So it’s away to the spare room for me! Complete with sticky tape, no internet and no phone. Rocket keeps me company; he likes it when I write in here – it means he gets to curl up on the bed! He’s very sneaky; he waits until he can tell that I’m absorbed and then slinks in behind me, jumps up on the bed and gives a huge sigh of contentment. It’s usually only when I stop to get the pins and needles out of my legs (I sit cross-legged on the floor) that I notice him and chase him off.

I’ve got four chapters I need to write before Thursday and with a cool, gray day and 7.2mm in the rain gauge (therefore no harvest), today is the day!

Wish me luck!

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