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I’m sorry, I really don’t know where this time has gone. It’s only NINE days until the Crimson Dawn launch and only SEVEN days until it might hit the shelf in your bookstore and TWELVE days until it will definitely be in the shops.

Ugh. Nerves.

Still, I gotta harden up… But, no matter what I tell myself – you’ve put yourself out there, you have take what comes, not everyone will like your book, so on and so forth – I always bite my nails until the first few reviews come in.

Anyway, you will have heard me talk about the drought recently. The one that has been going on for a hell of a long time over in NSW and QLD. Well, I decided I wanted to do something for these people.

In a “paying it forward’ gesture, I’m giving away thirty copies of Crimson Dawn to drought effected people – be it a farmer or small business owner. Now, I know (mostly) these people won’t register themselves. That’s not how country people are, we just pick up our chin and get on with what we have to do. So, I need YOU to register for them. Do you know someone, family, friends, who are suffering because of the drought? If so, please register them here.


I always know when the tour is getting close – a few interviews start to come through, and a few events. I spoke at Rotary on Monday night, which was fabulous. It was so special to have one of the first people I met in Esperance, introduce me.

This photo is of my “bestest” friend, who not only brain storms with me on my books, reads and gives feedback, she also looks after my kids when I have local event on. Meet, Carolyn! (Sorry it’s a bit blurry, one of the kids took it!)

The launch for Crimson Dawn is on next Friday night and I’m waiting with bated breath to see my family who are coming over. Then on Sunday I fly to Sydney. If you’d like to see where I’m gong to be, click here.

To those who have got sneaky early copies… I hope you enjoy it. Maybe you could let me know!


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