Dads and Daughters

Every daughter has a special relationship with her father. Mine is no different. I love my Dad to the moon and back and I’m so proud of what he has achieved in his life and the obstacles he’s had to over come to do it.

A few weeks ago, Mum and Dad flew to Alice Springs to be there when Jeff Ogilvy was inducted into the Shell Rimula Wall of Fame. Jeff worked for Dad for 27 years and was the first triple road train driver in Australia. When I was a kid, Jeff was always in a truck or around the depot, and more recently he’s been on the end of the phone telling me stories of his driving days, which has helped me write Purple Roads.

Jeff also has six beautiful daughters. One of them,  Shane, is a year older than me and I had a continuing dual with her, while at primary school. A dual called The Cross Country! She always managed to beat me.

Last year, Dad was inducted into the Wall of Fame – I wish you could read this newspaper article from The Northern Argus, that Mum sent to me but I’ll just mention a few of Dad’s achievements:

“1981 he was awarded an Advance Australia Award for his work in developing the transport industry in outback areas.

He (according to Ampol) had the longest fuel run in the world, covering SA, WA, South-west QLD and North-west of NSW.

He totally designed and manufactured the first skeletal trailers with fuel tanks front and back and with a tray in the centre

In the 1980’s Parnell Transport Industry, was selected by the Australian Road Research Board to be involved in a practical research project on which the requirements of operations of triple roadtrains were developed.”

There are so many more.

Of course behind every good man is a good woman and Mum is the best – supportive, unconditional and always there. I’d get up early when I was young, and the light in the back room would still be on. Stumbling out to see what was going on, mum would be sitting at the dining room table, surrounded by account books.

But they both say that there is no way they could have operated such a successful business without the help of employees like Jeff.

I’m so thrilled that two incredible men, pioneers in the trucking business, have been recognised and rewarded for their work.


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  1. Wow. That is AMAZING. Your Dad rocks – and his mate Jeff does too. The kind of men our country is built on. Bet they have some incredible stories to tell. No wonder you ended up a storyteller!!

  2. Fleur, I also worked for your father back in the Parnell Transport Industry days and Goyders Line Road House. Your father and mother had quite a few dedicated employees back then. I remember watching you along with Nick and Susan grow up. Yes we were also under that ever ending mountain of paperwork…. Many a time your mum asked where money was from the float and she still had it her trusty apron with the pockets in the front….. Yeah good ol days !!! – Still remember the boys getting stuck up north in the “bull dust” – papa zulu rock on !!! – Would love to see you now as a stunning grown woman Fleur….. Yes I more than agree that Jeff and his family were a one in a million !!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Hi Lyn, fantastic to ehar from you! I can’t put a face to your name, but I’m sure if I saw a photo I would be able to! And thanks for the brilliant reminder about papa zulu! I’d completely forgotten. Where abouts are you now and what are you up to?

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