Dancing Moon Beams

Full moon

Full moon

Full moon time is always noisy at our place. The soft light allows the dogs to see a lot more than they usually would. Meita, still being so young and not doing a lot of work (therefore having much more energy than the older dogs) is the main culprit. Bark, bark, bark, all night! At anything! At the shadows of rabbits, foxes, a little noise… You get the picture. It’s very annoying.

But, full moons make for good photos!

There was a bit of chat on Facebook last night about how big and beautiful the moon was. A couple of people couldn’t see it because it was cloudy so I took this photo so they could see what it looked like from where I was standing. Awesome isn’t it?

And don’t you find it incredible that from one side of the amazing country, to the other, we look at the same sky, moon and stars? I do.


Meita was driving me nuts by the time I got up this morning, so I went to let her out of her cage and saw the moon, just popping out from behind a cloud.


So I stopped and took a breath. And just watched it.

IMG_0812This was it’s progress and I loved being outside on such a clear, beautiful morning, talking to Meita, the pet calf, Lightning (who incidentally had to come back from the paddock and his foster mum) and having the gentle breeze blow on my bare shoulders.

Our family is going through a difficult time, with a very sick family member and it’s mornings/times like these which help rejuvenate my soul and give me the energy to take another step forward.

So, time to Cowgirl Up and get on with the day. What are you up to?


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  1. Hi Fleur, it sure was lovely. O ur eastern sky cleared early hours of the morning. I know this coz I have no bonds and the bedroom was suddenly like daylight!!!!! My thoughts are with you. I understand the emotional pull of caring for sick family members. And balancing everything life likes to throw into the mix. Taking tme to breath and rejuvenate the soul is the best yo can do.

  2. You sure know how to capture nature at its best Fleur! The full moon was stunning this part of the country too. I echo the sentiments of the comments above..and take care of yourself.

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