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One of the things I love most about living on the farm, is the sunrises I get to see. The boss has been working really long hours to stay in front of the airseeder (you have to spray only hours before seeding, for both pests and weeds). And because the hours are long on the seeder, the hours are long on the boomspray!

But! What a view! The moon was just beginning to set when The Boss was ready to go.


And this gentle sunrise was well and truly worth the early morning. Although I have to say it’s not actually that early at the moment! Sunrise is somewhere around 6am and considering we usually get up about 5am, we’re raring to go by the time the darkness lifts!


This one is a sunset. The favourite view about this, is the black cattle up against the green grass. To me, it’s a contented view.


Now, it’s been a while since I mentioned Outback Paparazzi. The original members of OP had these really cool stubby holders made and we’re selling sets of six for $30. If you’d like a set, please contact me on email. fleur at fleurmcdonald dot com.

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  1. Beautiful, that sunrise was certainly worth the wait. Due to many, many dreary looking days sunrise has been a non event for a while here which is disappointing considering I am always away at that time. Also what a soft looking sunset.

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