Down time




Even during the busiest times of the year, down time is necessary. I always know when it is needed, depending on the various levels of grumpiness that comes home, from the paddock.

Sometimes, the men of the farm, work it out for themselves, other times, they need a woman to suggest it’s time to head for the beach. (That can entail careful handling of the situation – if the men think you’re trying to STOP them from working (heaven forbid!) it can cause conflict. Usually a big one!)

This was one of the times, the men worked it out for themselves.

Nobody seemed to mind there was a howling easterly blowing (which can make a beach visit very uncomfortable) or it was really cold.

The kids love to be able to ‘fight’


Ready?fighting2 No? Too bad, I am.fighting3 Gotchya!fighting4

There is always a winner.


I am NO fisherwoman. In fact, I can’t see any fun in standing in front of the waves, holding a fishing line. I’m more of a ‘lets-check-out-what’s-happening-here’ type of girl.


My family say that anytime I step onto Thomas River, the wild life that look out. I’ll shoot anything. *raises eyebrows* I actually think they’re all pretty safe, since I’m shooting with a Canon!

golden seaBut nothing can beat sitting watching the sun set, with a cold glass of Sauvignon Blanc Semillon and my family around.

HD2Of course the sound of children laughing above the crashing of the waves, is alway my favourite sound and, this giggling girt is one of the best!

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  1. Hi Fleur, so good to catch up with my favourite Australian author last Friday, we spent Saturday on Lucky Bay, not to far away from you., I’m sure most people in the UK still have not discovered your books, but the few friends that have loaned my books have really enjoyed them, keep writing ! Sending you best wishes – Pauline x

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