Dr Dolittle and an Afrikaans speaking dog

This is our dog Law – he understand English – especially farm dog instructions like ‘Go back, get up, up the front and most used of all, F*** off.’

Have you ever thought about animals speaking other languages?

When you do think about it, it seems perfectly logical. After all if the only words that an animal hears are German, then obviously that animal won’t understand when I say ‘go back,’ in English.

This had never crossed my mind, until last week.

We’ve just employed a bloke from South Africa and his dog only speaks Afrikaans; not an ounce of English! It was absolutely amazing to watch this dog work and do the things that I would want it to do, but the instructions were not what I could understand.

I couldn’t help but smile, when I saw Luhan talking to his dog and her face went from a solemn doggy look, to having a huge grin across it, with her tongue hanging out to emphasise her pleasure at what had just been said. The Boss made comment, that Luhan had better not be saying nasty things about him, to his dog and making her laugh at him!

During that day that I realised animals spoke other languages, Anthony wanted the dogs out of the yards and yelled the appropriate instructions – something along the lines of ‘Bugger orf.’ They all left except this Afrikaans speaking dog. The Boss jokingly said to Luhan, that he best teach him how to say F*** off in Afrikaans, so he could at least hand out one instruction!

So I’ve realised that Dr Dolittle must have been extra clever to understand what the animals were saying, when they can speak all the languages of the world.

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  1. Hey Fleur

    It is amazing that they speak different languages, and sometimes more than one. Animals continue to amaze us all the time – don’t they.

    mmm the word you are looking for is: footsack. ( In Afrikaans: Voetsek)
    Every good dog in Africa knows that word – promise!

    Here is the urban dictionary link for it: http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=footsack

    Love your dog, Law- he looks like a really big jawed slobber chops who is totally loveable!

    Bye 4 now

  2. Oh dear, in stitches over here!!!! So cute… :)))
    Of course dogs speak other languages!! You never thought about it probably because you are living in an English only speaking country – continent. You don’t have a lot of interaction with other languages as we do have over here in Europe. The thought never crossed your mind, I dare say.

    1. Our dogs never understand what Anthony is telling them, when my parents are around. There’s just not enough doing words in the sentence!

  3. love it! Made me laugh so hard. And yes, once the thought is put into ones mind, dogs do speak different languages!

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