Moons make me dream

Moons make me dream

Mum always taught us kids, to have dreams. They also taught us to chase them.

Maybe that’s why my brother is a professional percussionist, my sister is a tourism operator with incredible foresight and I’m a writer. We found something we loved, something we dreamed about about and made it happen.

Full moons make me feel lots of things. Wistful, hopeful… All that sort of thing.

I have a few dreams I haven’t managed to make happen yet – I think the new term for this, is ‘bucket-list’. Things I really want to do before I’m too old to.

It’s not very big, not very long but probably reasonably expensive – as a lot of these things are. Which is possibly why they are just that – dreams!

Anyway, here’s my list.

1. To do a photography course and get much better at this hobby that I really, really love.

2. Ride in a hot air balloon at sunrise.

2.5 Be in the audience of the ABC Book Club with Jennifer Byrne.

3. Spend my 50th birthday in Italy (I actually wanted to do that for my 40th, but since that’s come and gone, I guess that isn’t going to happen!

4. Visit Yorkshire and see the country where James Herriot wrote his books.

That’s it.

So here’s my plan to achieve these.

1. I enrolled in an online photography course on Friday. You’ll probably see the spoils of that cropping up over the next few weeks – please bear with me and be kind!

Tick for number one.

2. We’re going to visit my sister-in-law in Cairns in July. And we’re going to ride in a hot air balloon then.

Tick for number two.

2.5 Still working on that.

3. No plan. Just dropping hints.

4. No plan. Haven’t got to the dropping hint stage yet.

So, do you have these sort of dreams? Something that you’ve wanted to chase, do, achieve? I’d love to hear about them, and, how you plan on putting them into action. Because you have to, you know.

After all, we only live once.

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  1. Well yes, you know a couple already! As for yours, I have been to Yorkshire and all I can say is GO!!!!!!! One of the most gorgeous, James Herriot-ish places in the world. And York itself is glorious too… and Italy… let’s make plans!!!

    1. Post
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  3. Hope you get to ALL the places you want to see. May I live vicariously thru you two ladies and a nurse friend of mine who adores her months in Italy too ?~! It’s a stunning land.

  4. I have followed most of my dreams already but still have a couple thats id like to follow
    1. Work on a station. Tick
    2. Own a ute. Tick
    3 . Own a dog. Tick
    4. Work in a different state of australia. Tick (nt sa and nsw)
    5. Find the right guy and settle down
    6. Own my own house and land
    7. Breed horses
    8. Have kids
    9. Enter into rodeos to show my horses and build a name dor myself
    10.. travel outside of Australia
    Im only 23 so I still have a while to achieve these goals

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