Dry Seeding


Well, we’ve started! The seed is in the ground, now all we need in a bit of rain to get it up and going.

The blue skies look a bit too summery for my liking, but since this photo was taken a few days ago, we’ve had 10mm! It’s not enough yet, but it’s a start. There’s still a few more hundred acres to get in before we’ve finished the seeding program.

We’re not big croppers, we like our animals, but we grow a bit of grain for our feedlot, deliver a bit to the silos and see what’s left over.

The rows are straight, which indicates Anthony is driving the combine, not me! I’m always all over the place.

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  1. Hope you get some rain to get them growing! We just purchased a new air seeding rig with tractor so that has got our crops in a lot quicker. But as always, there are a few breakdowns/stuff ups! hope you don’t/didn’t have to many!

  2. Hi Kelly, We’re hoping to get an air seeder next year, just to ‘harvest’ the water for the seed in the furrow more than anything! Combine just don’t do that! We didn’t have any breakdowns this year, but then again 200ha isn’t much crop! Hope yours went in well and you’ve got the rain you need.

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