Dust Storms

I think it’s fair to say that we’ve had our fair share of dust storms over the last week!
helen williams duststorm
This photo could have been the start of the storms that hit Sydney. Taken in the north of SA (thanks Helen Williams) it shows not only the destructiveness of high winds and dry land, but how people can get caught in these events and not make it out.
The storm can be upon you in no time and the choking, enveloping dust, let alone the wind, makes life sometime unbearable for these station owners. The storms leave layers of dust, inches thick and clean up can take ages. You can bet your boots that the tiny grains will infiltrate every crevice of the house, sheds and vehicles.
Dust storms aren’t that uncommon in the north and they were the thought process behind the title of my book Red Dust – although I hate them.

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  1. That looks terrifying! I can taste the grit and feel the sting in my eyes from here! I wonder what blew in through the cracks of the doors and windows after that little beauty went through….

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