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  1. Ok no more snippets like that the suspense!!! How long is it until you get this finished….. To farm long for my anxious/curious mind….. Not reading anymore snippets… Lol……..

  2. My heart is still pounding after reading that! Dying to know what happens next. Also, strangely fixated on the fact that her can of bundy is going to be spilling all over her lap any minute. When is the book going to be published?

  3. Sounds great, you have left me on the edge of my seat in suspence. Hope it’s not too long before this is released.

  4. Awesome start, can’t wait to read more, can only begin to wonder which direction you take from here ??

  5. Suspense Plus!! Wonder what happens next? I’ve googled ATCO hut and I know what it is now! Like a donga I reckon!

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