End of year giveaway!

Well, it’s nearly Christmas time and that means the time for giving!

I’ve got five signed copies of Red Dust to give away. They’d make great Chrissie presents, or just presents in general, so if you ‘enter here’ by the 4th of December,  I’ll contact you to let you know you’ve won! All international guests are welcome, as well as local!

This is the first of a few giveaways – I’m going to try and do something every couple of months! There’ll be copies of Blue Skies coming soon and packages of both books and books from the guest bloggers! So keep an eye on the site!

Comment here: in 25 words and less answer this question

Tell us who deserves a copy of Red Dust and why for their/your summer reading!

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  1. My sister – her kids are driving her batty and she’s totally stressed. I’d love to give this book to her for Christmas so she can read, enjoy, escape into the story, and relax a little!

  2. Carrieton Community- to be displayed in clubrooms as a memento of how proud the community is of one of their own- Fleur McDonald!

  3. Me 🙂 as an avid reader I am constantly on the lookout for outstanding reads and I believe this would be one, and then could share

  4. i would to win it(selfish me) because i sincerely do not know much about the Australian outback and then i will send it to my dear friend, ivana, in Croatia whom loves Australia!
    merry xmas and good luck to everybody whom enters the competition!

  5. Hi Fleur, I would love a copy of your book as I have been unable to find it to buy, then when I have finished reading it I can tell as my family & friends how I enjoyed it then they can buy a copy…….. Thanks Kim

  6. My Mum… we’re a farming family and adore your books. Double bonus being that once she’s finished it, I’ll be the first to grab it and read it myself!

  7. My girlfired, who thinks ‘Australian’ is a bloke in budgie-smugglers on Bondi Beach! How wrong is that? Our beaches frame us. Our heart is red dust.

    PS I just finished Red Dust – loved it. Great imagery. I could almost smell the shearing shed. Looking forward to Blue Skies.

  8. We would love one to put on our coffee table so that when we brag
    about our bright author friend in WA – which we do we can show them the real thing.
    All the best to you and your family for christmas.
    Have a look at your website from time to time.
    we are proud of what you are achieving
    Best wishes Sue and Ken

  9. Me! I’ve just discovered you and after two major operations this year I’d love to be able to relax in the quiet of January and escape for a few hours.

  10. My sister is isolated on a property with her 3 little boys & this book will be a great escape from the everyday drudgery for her.

  11. My mum is having knee operation and I know your book is the genre she like to read and it may take her away from her pain.

  12. Me – A farm girl, now a farmers wife I enjoy reading rural stories. It is great to be able to read about something I can relate to.

  13. I reckon I deserve a copy of your book because I’ve worked hard this year (and years before) to promote authors in any way I can. But I want to *be* an author, too, and the one thing I feel is holding me up (via so-called writer’s block) is a lack of familiarity with Australian literature. 🙂

  14. Me! I’ve been looking forward to reading this book for a while now. A signed copy would be a great start to the Fleur collection.

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