When you have a young family, evening is usually a crazy time of day! Trying to get them fed, bathed, homework done, the list goes on.

I’ve had a friend staying with me, for the past two weeks – if you’ve read the acknowledgements in either of my books, you’ll know the name ‘Mrs. Mackay’ or ‘my Walking, talking dictionary and thesaurus’. She was actually my library teacher in primary school, but she and her family have been part of ours (without any blood ties) since I was four.

Having her here has made a huge difference to my evenings – she supervises the kids, while I get tea and it seems that I have got a ‘washing fairy’ since she arrived!

Her being here has also meant I’ve found time to write and had chats about Purple Roads on tap – if something wasn’t sitting well with me, or I need a chapter read, she’s been onto it, the problems solved and I’ve moved on to the next bit.

Purple Roads is now on the ‘other’ side of being finished (opposed to the ‘wrong’ side, which is the first half!) and I’m really excited about this book. I can’t wait to have it in to my publisher and the start on the editing.

Last night, since she’s here to held tame the ferals, we actually got to sit outside and enjoy a glass of wine, while we watched this beautiful sunset.

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  1. That sounds a true friendship you have there, I was checking out your photos on Flickr last night, love the picture of Espenerance Jetty, I also use flickr (paulineblakeforge) and have photos of Esperance on site, plus photos of the village we live in,the UK, you might also be interested in the ones of last years Anzac day at the National Memorial Arboretum (www.thenma.org.co.uk) that I took!

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