Everyone has their spot!


When we all go around the farm in Anthony’s ute, we all have special spots because it’s really only a three-seater ute. We’re four, plus a little dog who really thinks he’s human so therefore he can’t be left behind on the chain (oh, the shame!)

Anthony drives, Rochelle sits in the middle, I sit next to Rochelle and Hayden sits on my knee. Oh, but hang on, I had forgotten someone! Rocket sits up the back on the edge of seats! He balances there beautifully, even if we’re chasing cows and it’s a really good spot for him since he doesn’t get in anyone’s way!

Rocket does come around the farm quite a bit with us and while I’m feeding hay, he’s my constant companion.

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  1. love little jack russell foxy dogs we had one called spot he was as tuff as any big dog but unfortunatly he meet with a tick that won this time .Anyway picked up your book and am loving it, good on you there is plenty of room in this world for a good aussie book .

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