Excitement in the Mail


I had a great surprise and shock when I went to the mail box today! There was a package from Siobhan, my editor. Opening it up there lay three reading copies of Red Dust, wrapped in bubble plastic.

I had no idea Siobhan had sent them until this morning, and when I saw them, I alternated between wanting to laugh and cry! It was so exciting to see and hold my work in book form.

As the song says ‘I’m so excited!’

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  1. Oh, Fleur! It’s brilliant. Just brilliant! I sat up in bed at 7am and turned the first page, then reluctantly put Red Dust down to snatch a cup of tea; dived back into this wonderful unflolding outback drama before somewhat unenthusiastically going with Tom to Youngs for a jetski ride on their lake (but was good fun when we got there!). Back home in the misty rain to curl up on the sofa with Red Dust for the rest of the day. Fed the horses at dusk and finished the novel half an hour ago. Loved it. Absolutley loved it. Great read. Entertaining, utterly believable, informative and you get caught up in the unfolding events to such an extent that it is hard to put down….even for a loo break!!! Can’t wait for the launch. You clever, clever, girl. Huge congratulations. Righto….now get on with Blue Skies!! xx

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