Exciting times ahead


A while ago, we bought a house. It was very exciting. We had plans, you see. Ones that involved me coming to town four days a week, so we could transition our Number One Son into high school.

There is a boarding house in town but, with his autism, we thought settling him into school first and having a family environment, while doing this, was pretty important. (it’s only for two terms, thankfully.)

It does however split our family unit up, with The Boss being out the farm and us being in town. Certainly not ideal, but we’ll get a system happening of him coming to town one night a week and us going home, one night a week. Might be clocking up the Ks over the next couple of terms!

Anyhow, with me swanning around in town, there wasn’t any farm work I could do. This left me twiddling my thumbs through the day…

I guess I could write another book. In fact I will.

I guess I could exercise, go to the gym, swim… All the things I’ve been wanting to do for years and can’t, on the farm. I probably will. (Actually, I did my first bike ride this morning. Man! Jelly legs or what?!)

But I’m getting involved with a couple of other projects too. (I’m not very good at sitting still.)

First one is Outback Paparazzi and is the brain wave of Amanda from Bushbabe of Oz. We’re a group of trigger happy, camera toting stalkers, who are there to capture the outback at it’s best. Hence the name. Isn’t it cool?

There six of us:

Bushbabe of Oz (she’s also involved in my series The A – Z of Farming, which we launched on Monday. Check it out if you haven’t seen it yet.)


Then there’s Rural Miss (once again, also involved in the A -Z of Farming)


Ann Britton:


Courtney from Bush Chook Photography.


Tessh, from Miss Grey Photography


And for some reason, these crazy girls decided to include me. I actually have no idea why, when I can’t hold a candle to their photography skills!


So come across to our new Facebook page and amazing photos. Because we are scattered from one of Australia to the other, you’ll get a huge variety!

The next project is I’m going to get my newsletter up and running. If you’d like to sign up for it, there is a column on the right had side of your screen. Scroll down until you find it, sign up. Now I know every man and his dog has a newsletter, so why would you sign up for mine?

Well there are stories in here, I’ve written, that have never been published. It’s a series. So you can a piece of my writing, every month! You’ll also get up-to-date information about the launch of Crimson Dawn, tour dates and so on. Photos and recopies will rate a mention too.

Who’s in? C’mon, you know you want to!

Oh, and on a personal note: Day three of of high school and I KNOW we’ve made the right call.

First two days went swimmingly. In fact I thought we’d underestimated him.

This morning? Sore tummy, not wanting to go to school… ‘Can’t I just stay home, mum?’

Ah. No.

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  1. Great times are ahead for you and you’ll be so pleased with the results I’m sure. Any results are a step forward.

  2. Love the new website – was already following all but one of the girls – amazing photos!
    Hope things go well with your son at high school – its a big move. Another book sounds great!

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