Pasture Hay in Bales

Fifty bales of hay…

Pasture Hay in Bales

Pasture hay in bales

This time of the year is when the craziness starts. The moment we cut the pastures or oats, to make hay, it’s like some gremlin inhabits the farm and makes everyone mad.

To get really good quality hay, it’s best if it doesn’t get a rain on it, before it’s in bales. The Boss is checking the weather every few hours and scanning the sky for clouds.

Hay is important during the summer months to feed all these hungry critters…

Hungry Heifers


Someone needs to work out how to bottle the smell – I’m sure it would sell in litres if they could. Especially pasture hay – it smells like honey.

All rolled up


There’s loads of jokes going around about Fifty Rolls in the Hay… It’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Just Sayin’.

Just playing



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  1. You start making hay alot earlier than we do. We dont start until after Melbourne cup is the general rule. The the madness begins for a couple of months. Hours and hours in the tractor waiting for the Relative humidity to be right to bale to the right moisture content. The mosture meter reader for us was the best little invention and the Kestrel weather meter stops alot off the hourly phone calls home to check conditions all through the night.

    1. Hi Vivien, we’re a bit earlier than usual – more towards the end of Oct, but the seasons are acting a bit odd at the moment! you sound like you make export hay?

  2. That does sound like a crazy, busy time of year. I know baling happens all hours depending on the humidity or weather and if it isn’t just right fires become a problem later on when the bales heat up. Good luck with bailing and I hope you got a bumper of a crop to bail with.

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