I’m sure you’ve heard of the craze “selflies”?

Kids are doing it everywhere and posting photos of themselves on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and so on… I know I’m forever deleting photos of my daughter, from my phone (I keep the good ones!).

I’ve actually never been able to understand the push to take a photo of ones self. I avoid the camera if possible – something to do with my Rudolf red, sun damaged nose and skin!

However, there is a new push called Felfies. Have you heard of it?

I hadn’t either, until the week end when my Twitter buddy @NYFarmer tweeted about it. I tweeted back, saying, ‘Sorry to be dense, but what’s a felfie.’ (I’d rather ask and look stupid than join in a conversation not knowing, and look stupid!)

So, it’s now all the craze amongst farmers – and another brilliant way of showing people our world. It’s a FARMER SELFIE. Just take a photo of you with your stock/dog/machinery/land in the background.

It’s even got some newspaper space here.

So let’s get into the spirit and post photos on Instagram and Facebook of Felfies! Just use the hashtag #felfie and let’s see if we can get it trending on Twitter! (I’m just off to take mine!)

Oh, and while I’ve got you here… Can I make an unashamed plea for you to head across to Booktopia and throw a vote to which ever novelist you may think is your favourite (if you thought you could vote for me, I’d be really thrilled and humbled.) Click HERE to vote.

Here’s a great example of a Felfie by @guswhyteBdqZi5OCcAAihpE

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