Fenced in

I was up at a friend’s house this weekend and I was captivated by her garden.

As everyone who visits my blog knows,  I’m not a gardener, but that doesn’t stop me from enjoying beautiful ones.

Sue has a spectacular garden – a mixture of succulents and cottage plants, roses and bushes. She also grows wonderful fruit trees and has a fantastic veggie patch! Every time I go to see her I come away inspired (unfortunately that only lasts for the trip home and then I see my straggly mess!).

This fence is a new feature in her garden! Isn’t awesome? And what a fantastic use for  your old boots – certainly is a much better idea than the new working pup getting hold of them and leaving pieces of leather all over the lawn.

She has also built her own stone wall  that I was eyeing off today, but I’ve since decided that’s far outside of my level of expertise, although I do have a spot and some spare sleepers lying around. I think this fence is within my capabilities! And there’s always many pairs of tired old boots lying around!

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