Fire Sunset


Thunderstorms in summer can be dangerous things. Especially if they’re dry storms.

After a 34 degree day, we watched as thunder clouds bore down on us. Harvest was well underway and we kept scanning the skies, willing the clouds away, least we get another hold up.

Then the thunder started — I’ve never heard thunder like it! It sounded like it was on a surround-sound speaker! We watched, speechless, as lightening hit the ground all around us but without any rain.

There was bound to be a lightning strike somewhere. The bushfire radio crackled to life as we saw the smoke.

The fire was in a national park about 45km from us, so we weren’t needed to help this time.

As the cool change came through and blew the smoke our way, it made for beautiful photos. Mother nature, how beautiful, but she needs so much respect!

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