A fire on a farm photo taken by Amanda McDonald


Fires can be frightening. They’re unpredictable, one moment moving slowly, the next whipping across a paddock, fuelled by strong winds and dry grass or stubbles.

However, this is the time of year that we chose to burn. Chilly mornings and nights, gives us a chance to do what we call a ‘slow burn or ‘cool burn’. It means that we can take out a lot of the ‘fuel’ that would keep a summer fire raging and make it safer for the hot months ahead.

There are some farmers who need to burn their stubbles and clean up paddocks during these winter months, as well.

I love fires at this time of the year. Fires inside, camp fires, bon fires and farming fires!

Burning off


And camp fires are just so much fun! Marshmellows, potatos in alfoil, the smell of burning gum leaves… Heaven!

Rochelle next to a camp fire on the beach.

And fires can look really ferocious when they aren’t really. This photo below was when the Boss was burning off some reeds in a swamp. Gave me a heart attack when I looked out of the window, but it wasn’t as bad as it looked!

Burning reeds


We’re busy with sheep work during the day and fires at night, at the moment!


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