FNA Transport

FNA transport

This is why, when you live on a farm, you need a four wheel drive! Often you become a transport company! Ours is called FNA transport – officially Fleur and Anthony Transport, unofficially,  a rather rude word starting with F Average Transport!

I took some of the extra wool into Esperance, to make the journey to the Perth wool store, to be sold. On the way home I was loaded with strainer posts, strut rails, wire and poly droppers, so we can start to build some new feedlot pens and split a couple of large paddocks in half, with some new fences.

In the words of the great man himself (Slim Dusty), ‘there’s truckin’ in my blood’ (which since my parents ran a fuel company, there is!) but this is as close as I’ll ever get to driving a big rig! My sister, however, has followed the family tradition and drives a big Mack, carting grain, at harvest time!

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