Fool’s Gold

Okay, so on the 21st March, this is about to happen… Detective Dave Burrows is launched into his own series. Hopefully Fool’s Gold will be the first of many adventures, he takes us on.

Here’s the blurb:

Written with Fleur’s trademark warmth and outstanding storytelling, newly badged Detective Dave Burrows and his reluctant wife arrive in the West Australian goldfields town of Barrabine where gold stealing is rife and the prospectors live by their own tough rules.

Detective Dave Burrows’ first posting to the far west goldfields town of Barrabine in 1997 holds everything he’s looking for, but Melinda, his wife of two weeks, is devastated at leaving behind her family, friends and career. More comfortable in heels than RM Williams, Melinda walked away from her much-loved job in the city as a paediatric nurse to follow Dave into the bush.

Dave settles in easily to the plain-speaking toughness of his new town, determined to do well, knowing that Barrabine could be his stepping stone into the elite stock squad. But will his marriage last the distance? As Dave investigates reports of mysterious late-night trespassing, a missing person, and guns being drawn on strangers, a local prospector phones in with horrific news that could hold the key to everything.

Fleur McDonald’s bestselling rural storytelling takes her popular detective, Dave Burrows, back to his compelling and exciting beginnings.

As of Monday, there will be a ‘Guess who the real Dave Burrows is’ competition starting. Keep an eye on Facebook and Instagram for this. There’s three copies to give away.

Of course Fool’s Gold is available for pre-order.

iTunes: here

Booktopia: here

And there are plenty of other spots.

Unfortunately with recent surgery, (if you don’t know about that, you can read about it here) I won’t be touring for this book, but I’ll be back on the touring path for my November book, Trust in Me, which I’m writing at the moment. Jack is helping me as much as he can…


And just an update on the health issues: it’s going to be a long recovery process. I’m at the six week post-op mark and life is still pretty painful and slow. Good thing Jack has become accustomed to sitting next to my desk while I write my new book, instead of chasing sheep out on the farm!


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  1. Looking forward to your new book. Take it easy, hoping you heal well and fast, and good old Jack, dogs are so good at keeping us company and adjusting to change when need be

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  2. Hi Fleur
    I have just finished Fools Gold and I loved it as I do all your books. But I need to know what happened to Kim who was married to Dave Burrows in Suddenly One Summer. When I read about Melissa I had to go back and make sure I hadn’t missed a book in between. Thank you for great books

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  3. Hi Fleur
    I have the same question as Karlene. I have just finished Fools Gold and loved it so I popped down to the library to see what books of yours they had. I am reading Indigo Storm where Dave Burrows makes an appearance with his wife Kim. Did something happen to Melissa. Many thanks

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      Hi Cheryl, Fool’s Gold is set in 1997. It’s the start of the Dave Burrows series, when we see him starting his detective career. Any books with Kim it them, are set in the modern day and not part of this series! Hope that helps.

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