Four seasons in one day!

One of the things about Esperance and spring time, it the weather! It’s completely unpredictable.

Here’s an example; last week, Tuesday and Wednesday were above 35 degrees – a rather rude shock after the pleasant, good living weather we’d been having.

The heat caused the crops and grass to ‘turn’ into the colours that suggest summer is on its way. The crops go from a lovely dark, healthy green, to a grey/green and the stems become slightly golden. The pastures changes from the same healthy green, to the sides of the leaves looking like they’ve been burnt and if you’re viewing the paddock as a whole – well it looks like it’s started to turn brown.

Then Thursday and Friday… It was 17 degrees! We actually got the jumpers back out!

With weather like this, it gives wonderful photo opportunities! We had finished baling our hay, the evening I took this photo. We were off to pick up a tractor from the paddock and I made the boss stop, so I could take this – love the heavy clouds and the sunbeams!

You can have a look at my Flickr site, for more photos!

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  1. Same in N.S.W was hot the last 2 day’s today Sunday its “RAINING” & cod southerly blowing….Nearly need to light the fire……Lol

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