From little things, big things grow…

Seedlings. Stingray Canola


It true. From little things, big things grow. And when it comes to cropping, Canola is a great example. It’s starts off as a tiny black seed – smaller than a grain of sea salt and just slightly larger than a ‘hundred and thousand’ (you know what I’m meaning? The things kids love to put on cakes and spill on the floor for us mums to clean up!)

To plant the seeds you need a special grain box which will hold the small canola – barley, oat and wheat seeds are so much bigger, they need a different seeding set up.

With the right rain and conditions, canola will look like the above photo about four weeks after its been planted.

And will look like this:

Golden Canola


about three months after seeding. Within another two weeks, you wouldn’t be able to walk through this crop because it will be so thick and bushy.

Cropping is the true circle of life. It stars with a seed. You plant it and it grows, puts up new seed heads then you harvest it and you’re left with the seed again. All within three seasons or about six months. I think nature is just so incredible.

Barley or wheat crops are much more fun for the kids to play hide and seek in. The bees which hand out in the canola, put an end to anyone wanting to hide in there!

Hayden hiding in the wheat crop!

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