From sunset to sunrise!


This is what my world looked like at 4.15 this morning! Magic isn’t it?

We in WA are lucky not to have daylight saving, but it does mean that our sun gets ups up at horrible hours – it kissed the horizon at 4.35am!

Anthony and I were up – it is going to be a hot day, with the threat of a harvest ban to be put on (that means that we can’t go out in the paddocks at all, unless we’re making sure our stock have water. It’s all about minimising the risk of fires on days of high fire danger.)

The wisp of cloud that you can see across the sky is actually smoke. There is a large blaze burning to the east of us – in crown and completely unpopulated land, so it is of no threat to us and all the Conservation and Land Management people are monitoring it! But it was the smell of smoke that woke me at about 1.30am. I flew out of bed and charged around the house to each window, trying to see if there was one close by, but it was this one.

As you can see, the animals know that it is going to be hot and the cows are already out grazing. It will be a good harvest day so Anthony, Jayden and I will be trundling around the paddock, harvesting and cleaning grain – unless there is a harvest ban in place!

**NEWSFLASH!! I have a surprise guest blog! Tamara McKinley has answered a couple of my questions and I’ll be sharing them with you tomorrow. She won’t be around to ask questions, but she’s just shared a few things about her writing experiences with me.

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  1. We had a fire at our block yesterday that burnt out all of our barley crop and our cattle yard that we hadn’t yet replaced with sheep yards. It started in a still moist haybale and it just got too hot. Our neighbours lost quite a bit of crop and pastures as well. Luckily no people or animals were hurt but it was a hectic day in Mobrup!

  2. Kelly, that’s dreadful. I hope that the mop up today, isn’t too stressful and the insurance comes through quickly – did you have the horrendous weather conditions that we had yesterday? We had over 40 with really strong northerlies and there was a harvest ban on. Take care.

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