Frustration at it’s best (or worst!)

I don’t think I’ve ever seen a start to the thunderstorm season like the one we’ve had this year! If you go back to a previous couple of blogs, you’ll read that we have had about 40mm over the last week or so. Well you can make that about 50mm now!

The sheep always camp up when there is a storm due – you can learn a lot about the weather by watching nature and it’s creatures. They will know something is going to happen, long before us humans do. These sheep have made themselves comfortable on a dam bank as one of the weekends’ storms roll through.

sheep and thunderstorms by Fleur McDonald - voice of the outback

sheep huddle around the dam

Tuesday night we had a massive storm with ferocious lightening, and thunder that just about lifted us from our beds. And rain. When we awoke, the sky was blue and not a cloud in it – or so we thought from looking out of the bedroom window.

After a coffee, the boss thought he was awake enough to venture out to the rain gauge. While he was out there I started making the lunches – only to be interrupted by the power going out and a huge clap of thunder. I curiously looked towards the window, then I saw it.

Even though the sky behind me was blue, towards the coast was black. As the cloud moved in, the brightness of the morning faded, but not before I snapped this shot of the brilliant bougainvilleas with the cloud barring down on us.

bouganvillia by Fleur McDonald - voice of the outback

Bouganvillia, blue skies & thunderstorms

I think this harvest is going to be very frustrating.


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  1. Oh I feel you frustration … let’s hope it clears up for long enough to get the harvest done. It is interesting how you can tell the weather by little things in nature. Here the cattle camp on the road before rain and frangipani at the house flowers and ants invade unmercilessly. Apparently if you see black cockatoos the number is the amount of inches or days until rain.
    I love the last photo even if it means more storms.

  2. Even if it is frustrating i would think it was almost worth it to be able to see let alone take a photo like that last one.

    Absolutely beautiful Fleur


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