Full moon, an end to harvest and a finished edit!


I must say, after a fairly intense three weeks, harvest has finally finished and I, for one, am glad! I love seeing the grain come in and finding out what we’ve produced! But three weeks of 4am starts and after dark finishes, as well as trying to edit Blue Skies, has taken its toll!

I was feeling pretty pleased when I went to sit outside in the peace and quiet to watch the moon rise, complete with a glass of wine! We had finished harvest, I had just hit the ‘send’ button on an email to my editor containing all the changes for Blue Skies, so that had been put to rest and how could anyone not enjoy watching this moon rise? It was massive and the light it cast across the country side, was magical.

So now I’ve enjoyed my feeling of freedom, I’m back to waiting! Waiting for my editor to get back to me and for the unedited proof book form to arrive, waiting for the last silo of grain to be cleaned and delivered and waiting for the next pile of jobs to build up! We start today weaning our calves and preg-testing the cows, so the waiting for Blue Skies won’t seem so bad.

But at the moment, I’m just as happy to raise a glass of wine to the moon and enjoy the feeling of  not being busy-  for a short time!

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  1. hi there Fleur,

    Not that you need another thing to your list was thinking of doing a “blue” night for you at the Tav…once your book has been launched and have everyone bring a “blue” signature dish along to share and have a listen to you… Was wondering when your book is to be launched and also to have Victoria Brown there….would love to meet her and see if she would love to do a poem or chat for us as i have heard she is wonderful to listen too… What do you think? thanks so much for your time and congrats on end of harvest and book is happening… cheers to 2010

  2. Hi Suzie, Blue Skies is due out in April 2010 – it will be a busy month! As well as all the promo stuff for book, one of my oldest friends is getting married, in SA, so we’ll be heading back there, as well. Thanks for your thoughts of a ‘Blue Night’! Give me a call closer to the time and we’ll see what we can work out!

  3. Hi Fleur, it’s good to see that you got through harvest alright last month! When did you sow the barley? I love hearing about life on the land, it’s just so much more interesting than all the “city news” 🙂

  4. Hi Carly Thanks for dropping by. Seeding is dependant on the rain and last year, the opening rains came a little late, so we weren’t seeding until June/July. We’d much rather see earlier rains and get the crop sown by around May!

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