Funny writing spots

Writing at Lake Cave

I’ve always said I can write anywhere. With a deadline looming (as they always seem to!) and having to take our exchange student back to Perth to fly home to Italy, I’ve proved again, I can do just that.

On Thursday we left to do a ‘last tour’ of the south west, so Gabri got to see the tall timber country and some of the other treasures we have here in WA.

After a visit to the National Anzac Museum in Albany, we headed across to Denmark (which is one of my favourite places of all time!), along to Walpole where we all the did the Treetop Walk then went onto Margaret River.

Having already toured Lake Cave, I knew how deep the sinkhole was and how many steps there were – I wasn’t going to be able to climb them with my back, so I set up office next to the fire in the shop of Lake Cave! I watched people come and go, wrote about stock camps and cattle and listened to the man behind the desk answer the same questions over and over and over again. I swear he has the patience of a saint!

Writing in special spots!

Then it was onto Perth (after a visit to the Margaret River Chocolate Company) where I found a very sweet writing spot!

Writing at the Perth Zoo

Yesterday the two boys visited the zoo, where I spent the whole time sitting at the cafe, writing and listening to the people around me talk and to kids either screaming or giggling – there didn’t seem to be too much in between!

Sunset over the Swan River

We ended Gabri’s ‘last tour’ the same way as what we started it – with room service looking out over the Swan River. The sunset gave us a real treat for Gabri’s final evening.

Having an exchange student in our family for the last five weeks has been a wonderful experience for us all – we’ve loved having him and learning about Italy. It’s also given me some time to write in the weirdest of places, so it’s been a win-win all round! And when you read the next April book, tentatively called ‘Shadow of Doubt’, you’ll know where parts of it was written!

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