Getting away…

There are times you just need to drop out of life for a few hours. Relax. Talk to each other and the kids and get away from the hum drum of normal life.

Well that’s what we did on Saturday night.

Getting to Kennedy’s beach involves some serious four-wheel driving, so you know that once you get there, it’s unlikely many people, if any, will be around. We were rewarded. Not a soul in sight!

Flat beach, amazing scenery, swags and a BBQ – it was a lovely way to spend our evening!

The beach is so untouched – the sand, without footprints, the native vegetation windswept and wild.

It was cold and the wind howled most of the night, but cuddled up in our swags, all the fresh air did, was blow the    cobwebs away and get us read for the next week!

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    1. Absolutely! Here’s how: zip them into the swag, then padlock the the zips together… they can’t get out! (I am only joking!!)

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