Getting stuck in the mundane…

Weasel stopping for morning tea!

Weasel stopping for morning tea!

Do ever find lunch boxes so hard to fill? Does it feel like you’re making ham and pickles sandwiches (or something similar) ALL the time and the kids are board with your food?

Oh. I sound like an advert don’t? Sorry!

But, that’s how I feel. Especially since I’ve been pre-making food for the whole week, because I’m away from the farm a bit.

When I was first married I was intent on creating a warm and loving home, (as we are) and part of that, to me, is food. I used to trawl through recipe books, try new types of food and generally be really adventurous. I’m lucky that The Boss isn’t a meat and three veg type farmer. He’s usually happy to try most things I put in front of him. And I’ve certainly raised my kids to be the same.

Anyway, somehow I’ve got stuck in the mundaneness of food! I can’t believe that has happened to someone who LOVES good food and cooking.

On the weekend I made a pact to myself that I was going to make something new.

So I did. I bought beetroot and we roasted it in the weber. LOVED it.

I made little tartlets filled with chicken, avocado, cream cheese and basil, topped with roma tomatoes and hot sausage.



One child wouldn’t try them (sigh) and the other said. ‘They’re really yummy, Mum, but here’s an idea. Leave out the avocado next time. (Deeper sigh!)

I dragged out some of my favourite recipes handed down from my nana and made her famous Chocolate Chip Biscuits. (They went down a treat! What a surprise…)

Because we’re out and about, on the farm this time of year, with seeding and lamb marking, I need to put things in that can be eaten quickly, and by hand – no point in giving The Boss a sandwich filled with curried eggs if he’s whipping around on the boomspray and it’s likely to fly anywhere. Similarly no point in putting a salad and cold meat in, if he can’t stop to eat it.

See my issues?

So, do you guys have any fabulous lunch recopies that you’d like to share with me? My family will be ever grateful!!

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  1. You could still do the cold meat & salad but make it into a wrap; so much easier to handle. I’m pleased I don’t do lunches anymore. As for the kidlets; just go simple, nothing fancy and they’ll survive quite well. Happy findings.

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