Glorious mornings

There are some days that it’s a pleasure to get out of bed at 5am. Today was one of those days!

We were carting lambs in between the farms, so we were up early with a very busy day in front of us.

Once we’d loaded the lambs and Anthony had trundled off in the truck, I stopped and looked around. A fog was beginning to roll in to one side of the farm and there was some misty rain on the other. The sun was trying to break through some heavy clouds on eastern side and his rays were streamers of red.

The birds were enjoying coolness, singing their hearts out and across the stillness, I could hear the calls of the new-born calves and snorting of the rams in the paddock next to where I was standing.

As I climbed up to the top of the yards to enjoy the view, the dew that had formed in silver droplets along the rails soaked into my jeans. A cold feeling, but welcome nonetheless.

The soil is moist from the rain we had over the Easter weekend and I could almost feel the germination of clovers and grasses pushing their way out of the earth, looking for the sun.

The rain has given us an optimism and some hope for the coming year and this morning only fuelled the desire for a good season. Through rain we can be kind to our land and our stock.

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  1. BEAUTIFULLY written, Fleur and it sounds like a perfect way to start the day! I almost felt as if I was reading one of your books! I was right THERE in the paddock, on that hill, looking at that view with you. :o)

  2. Absolutely gorgeous isnt it?? We had a crisp clear morning out here yesterday. It was just chilly enough to need socks & the dew laying on the ground made everything sparkle like diamonds.

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