Gorgeous calves!

These cattle don’t really look like calves, do they? But they are – they were born in April and are a far cry from the really cute, little 30 or 40kg babies they were, when they were born! (For all the mums out there, aren’t you pleased your baby wasn’t that big?!)

At the moment, we’re weaning them, from their mums. It’s time for them to go out into the paddocks and fend for themselves. But before they do that, they spend a while in the yards. It’s my job to feed and water them twice a day, gently work them through the yards and get them used to humans. If they know that every time I turn up, that they are going to get food and water, they learn to trust me, or any human. They know we won’t hurt them and only good things happen while we are there.

The reason we wean our calves in the yards, is that we like quiet cattle. I don’t want to be climbing the yards every time we work with them. Cattle with a bad temperament have no place on our farm!

I love weaning time. I love the smell of the calves – the way they go from being so wary of me, to coming close up, watching and sniffing me!

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