Guest Author; Fiona Palmer on her new book The Road Home

Author, Fiona Palmer

It’s great to have Fiona Palmer visiting today and letting us know about her new book The Road Home. And thanks for all the lovely things you’ve said here!

Take it away, Fee:

Thanks Fleur, for having me on your fabulous blog. Being in the country and surrounded by farmers I love reading Fleur’s blogs and especially her 52 farmers in 52 weeks.  Australian Year of the Farmer. Fantastic!


Hear of Gold by Fiona Palmer


I also enjoy catching up with Fleur personally, or via text, email, twitter, fb as I understand/love her way of life and I think we are quite similar. (I’m sure we have the same amount of beauty products…at most, one or two things lol)

But there is no need for such things when its only the flies or animals checking you out. Me personally, I don’t have time to spend on myself, or more correctly I have other ways I’d rather spend my time. (And maybe I’m a little lazy in that department too…must be the tomboy part of me)

Chatting to Fleur is easy, I know what she’s doing on the farm and she amazes me how she manages to write a book in amongst all that! She is a marvel. And I’m rather thankful to have another rural writer so close, only a 4.5 hour drive away or the press of a button!

We had our debut books out in the same year, 2009,  The Family Farm in March and Red Dust in May (I think) so we have taken this journey into author-hood together, having to learn how it all works.  I still don’t have a grasp on all the in’s and out’s of publishing but slowly I’m getting there. And here we are again with our third books out hardly a week apart.  Hopefully we will run into each other on our book tours and can catch up some more.

I’m really excited about our third books being out. Wow, three books. Can’t believe it. Time has gone so fast.  And I’m looking forward to reading Fleur’s Purple Roads as much as I’m looking forward to holding my own book. Anyway let me tell you a bit about The Road Home.


FIona Palmer's latest book, The Road Home


This is a story about Lara, her brother Noah and his best mate Jack.

Lara has followed the path her parents wished for. But now her career is at a crossroads, her romance in ruins and her old family farms is up for sale. If she is to face the future, Lara must overcome the horror of her past. But does she still have what it takes to return to the country, pick up the pieces and start again?

Then Lara meets tall, dark and very broody Jack. Can they build a future together or will the ghosts of the past conspire against them? Lara must juggle her head and her heart if she’s to make the right decision. Will the power of love and the land itself heal a most battered heart?

Noah also has his own problems to sort through but with close friends, he’s in good hands.

I’m also very excited to be joining Fleur with my books being printed in German.  It is just fascinating to see a new cover with a foreign language.

Well that’s about it from me. So if you’re near a bookshop in April keep an eye out for both our books. After all Rural Writers Rock!!

Don’t forget to keep an eye on my blog, I’ll be running a competition for someone to win a copy of The Road Home.


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  1. Hi Fleur and Fiona – its so great to have you two representing WA and of course rural fiction. I remember when I first read Rachael Treasure all those years ago I knew there were so many more stories out there. I was really delighted when I discovered you both back in 2009 and now it seems this genre is just getting stronger and stronger.

    Looking forward to reading the new books 🙂 and wishing you both every success.


  2. Hi
    I have both The Road Home and Purple Roads on my shelf to read in the next week or so and I am looking forward to it. I am also pleased to discover you are both from WA, I was born and grew up in the sandgroper state and miss it so hopefully your books will also give me a taste of home

    Shelleyrae @ Book’d Out

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