Guest Blog: Fiona Palmer

Fiona and I met about two years ago. Rachael Treasure actually put us in contact! I think Fee and I were slightly over-awed that one of our favourite authors knew enough about both of us to think that we could be a good support network to each other.

And I think we have been. Being new to the publishing world, you really do need someone to go through it with. We’ve been able to talk about our experiences, celebrate good reviews together and make each other smile when we’ve had bad ones.

Fee’s book, The Family Farm, is a really great read. I enjoyed having my copy sent to me by a ‘real’ author, just as I’ve sent mine to her!

Anyway, without further ramblings, here’s Fee!

A big thanks to Fleur for having me guest blog.  I share a lot in common with Fleur; we are both country West Aussies and live close by.  Our first books were published in the same year just months apart and we both have terrific call stories.  Our journeys into writing have been very similar.

But I never had a set path for writing.  Not once did I ever think of becoming an author. Why?  Well my English sucked…to be frank.  I was one of those kids who couldn’t spell very well, had no idea on grammar and where oh where did comma’s go!?!  I do remember writing stories in high school and having a friend read it and say that was great, but when it came back from marking I’d failed miserably.  I guess I had a teacher who placed her emphasis on the proper English and nothing on the creative side.  So for me, even though I’d loved writing those stories, the constant bad marks made me doubt myself.  NOTE to those kids who are like me….you can do it!   (Besides, publishers have editors who check things like that.  Spelling can be fixed….creativity and a strong voice is harder to fix!)

And that is mainly how I got published and what definitely won me the ASA mentorship, my strong voice and the description of the countryside and the emotion (so they told me in my letter, anyway).

I love writing because I love telling stories.  My mind is always on the go and one day I decided to write down a story that had formed.  Yes, its hard getting to the computer and making yourself sit…but once I start typing, I get sucked into the world I have created.  Its just like sitting down to watch a movie when you laugh and cry in front of the TV screen….yes, I laugh and cry in front of my computer screen!!  (Please never come to my house unannounced or you could be in for a shock! Tissues and tears!)  Also because I am a busy mum I like books that are easy to read and make me happy.  There is something reassuring about knowing its all going to end well, hence why I love romance.  My books will never be without it!

The other thing that drives me is my passion for where I live…the country!  I wanted to share our way of life, I wanted people to read my books and experience a glorious sunset or sunrise, to feel the warm breeze on their face with the hint of eucalyptus and to have the stars in the sky spread over like a warm blanket.  Not saying I’m knocking city life, as I have lived in Perth, but I have the country in my soul.  It’s invigorating standing outside in the first rain of the year.  Maybe as life in the country depends so much on Mother Nature, you really are aware of her.  Find me a farmer that doesn’t talk about the weather and I’ll find a hat to eat!

Anyway, that’s some of the main reasons why I started to write.

Cheers everyone for dropping by and thanks again Fleur for having me.

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  1. And this is why we love her books! Lovely blog guys- and how lucky to have had each other as support through the whole publishing journey!

  2. im glad you didnt give writing away after your report cards…teachers can get it so wrong some times. Loved the personal blog (your love of the country shows through you words)

  3. Have just finished reading Fiona’s book The Family Farm couldn’t put it down what a great read…….Well done too you both, I have also read both Blue Skies and Red dust couldn’t put either down and on your recommendation have also devoured the Bark Cutters another great read. I haven’t read so many books in so few weeks which just goes to show what great books they all have been as im a really picky reader and really need to be drawn in within the first couple of pages otherwise most times it makes it hard to keep reading. I couldn’t get enough of them. Eagerly awaiting for more books to read……..

  4. Thanks all, for your comments! Fee is away at the moment, so I’m not sure if she’ll be back on to comment, but we’re really pleased you found Fee’s story interesting! It’s an unusual, but wonderful one, for sure.

  5. Thanks Fleur for responding, i’m now back from my quick holiday with the kids. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Nicole, your not the only one who has been reading madly, I was the same when i entered the world of books and writers…getting recommendations left right and centre, but its great. My home libray has grown so much. (i’m not alphabetising yet…but i do have a favourites shelf with all the rural books lol) Cheers x

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