Guest Blog: Kerri Sackville

Kerri has taken the world of Twitter and publishing, by storm. Her hugely successful book ‘When my husband does the dishes‘ has made women and men alike, laugh and cry, from the moment they open they cover.

A guest appearance on Sunrise (that you can see here) and Kerri is one of the best known authors in Australia.

I’m very excited to have her talking about her book, today.


1) You say that you narrowly missed Hollywood superstardom when you came runner-up to Nicole Kidman in BMX Bandits – do you wish that was your career? Would have you liked being married to Tom Cruise?
You know, I don’t wish that was my career. I don’t think that enormous fame and tremendous wealth bring genuine happiness. Or at least that’s what I tell myself when I sob myself to sleep every night. And no, I wouldn’t have liked being married to Tom, but if I was Nicole Kidman, then I’d be married to Simon Baker. Which I’d like very much.
2) What made you write about mundane life? And make it funny?
I had a vision of what my life would look like after I got married and had kids, and it did not include three loads of laundry per day, bucketloads of vomit, arguments over boxer shorts, preferring sleep to sex, and being embarrassed by my kids in Coles. I figured other people were equally as shocked by the ways their lives turned out. So I decided to write a book that made women with kids and/or partners feel normal, and those without to be prepared for what’s ahead!
3) Did you always know that you were good with words and did you want to be an author?
I always knew I was good with words, or at least since I wrote that heartwrenching poem ‘The Brook’ in Year 4 (“The brook trickled slowly by, nothing else to be heard but the wind in the trees, the everlasting trickle, and the willows sigh…”). But no, I didn’t want to be an author. I wanted to be a member of the Young Talent Team. Or Nicole Kidman.
4) Since When my Husband does the dishes has come out, what has been the highlights for you?
The launch. It was wild. Having so many people come from so far to celebrate with me (many of whom I’d only met online); having Mark Dapin launch it, signing dozens and dozens of books, partying on until the wee small hours, leading my friends in a rousing chorus of ‘Close Your Eyes And I’ll Kiss You’… doesn’t get much better than that.
5) Tells us about your journey to get published?
I slept with my publisher. After that it was easy. Joking! No, I was incredibly fortunate in that an agent contacted me through Twitter after reading my blog and hearing that I was writing a book. By the time the book was finished she had a couple of publishers already interested, and it was sold within weeks of me submitting the manuscript. I’m a very lucky girl.
6) What did you do when you had ‘the’ phone call to say that HANDSOME publisher’ was to give you a contract?
It wasn’t a phone call – it was an email. The subject line was ‘LOOKY HERE!!!’ I just danced around in disbelief for a while then pinched myself a few times (seriously – I literally pinched myself) then danced some more and did a bit more pinching. It was sensational.
7) And most importantly, I need to ask what everyone who has read the book, is asking too, how the HELL do you know what goes on in MY house?
Hidden cameras. You really need to tidy your bedroom, Fleur.
(Fleur: *headdesk* I really hope she takes them out and soon!)
You can buy When my husband does the dishes from Booktopia and follow Kerri on Twitter at @kerrisackville

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  1. lol Great blog Kerri. I’ll have to get your book just from reading your questions. It would make a great bookclub book. I can picture us all drinking wine and laughing about how right you are! Thanks for the blog Fleur xx Happy Birthday for tomorrow xxx

  2. What a hilarious blog Kerri. Thanks for the insight Fleur! I will most certainly be getting myself a copy to read. Sounds like my household too! LOL! 🙂

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