Sunset east of Esperance


I love a good sunset or sunrise. Last Saturday evening, I was hurtling back from the other farm, after showing mum and dad the header and how it can swath canola. Coming from the mid north of South Australia and them being sheep graziers, they have no idea about cropping!

Anyhow, I had Mum in the car and we were both commenting on how massive the sun was as it began to sink. This time of the year throws up gorgeous sunset’s, but this one topped the pack! I haven’t seen a sunset like this one for a fair while and just had to share it with you.

What’s you favourite time of the day?

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  1. I also love sunrise and sunset … or just before and after when the world is given a golden hue. At the moment ours are smokey ones and yesterdays sunrise and sunset both looked the same the large red ball rising and setting through the smoke. I thought it was fitting starting and ending the same.

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