Happy Easter

HAPPY EASTER, from the McDonald’s Farm!

IMG_0725In my family, Easter is not only about chocolate easter eggs, hot cross buns and commercialism. It’s about Eternal Life and what happened so that we could have that gift.

But the other thing which signals Easter is family. To have the whole family home, together, is now an incredible gift. As kids get older and pursue their own ideas, dreams and lives, they don’t seem to want to come home as often. (Even thirteen years olds – or maybe them in particular!) There are many of my friends who are now clutching tightly to their kids as they spend a few precious days home, from boarding school.

When we McDonald’s are all together now, we tend to do something exciting and different, if we can.



Last night, this included cooking a lamb stew in the camp oven. The kids had a ball as they drove up and down to the house to collect the cooking equipment, soft drinks (which only ever appear on special occasions, in my house) and generally had a freedom they don’t get else where.

There was talk of an Easter egg hunt. Obviously Mrs Easter Bunny didn’t get the memo, because when we appeared this morning, these few little treasures, had been placed in full view! Don’t you just love that smile on the rabbit’s face? it’s like ‘Hi! GOOD MORNING!’, while I’m still trying to wipe the sleep from my eyes and gulp at my coffee.



To all my lovely readers, a very happy Easter. Please be safe on the roads. Eat far to much chocolate and too many hot cross buns. But mostly, hug those loved ones to you and think of an eternal life with them.

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