Happy Mother’s Day

Fleur and her mum, June Parnell

Mum’s are so important – let’s face it, without them none of us would be here! Although there are times I wonder if they are the unsung hero’s of the world.

I mean, who, other than a mum, will be up with a child, rubbing their back and offering comforting words, as they vomit, or are burning up with fevers? Who can cheer the loudest from the sideline of a footy or netball match and cry at an assembly or graduation?

As a mum of two kids, I couldn’t imagine my life without them, yet I’m sure my twelve year old could imagine a life without my nagging (which I actually call ‘gently guiding’ although she doesn’t!) and perhaps even without me. I do stress she is twelve and entering teenage years! She won’t always think like that – I speak from experience here!

Do you have traditions in your house for celebrating Mother’s Day? We did. There was the cup of tea in bed, with burnt toast and a germanium on the side of the tray. Lunch was roast chicken around our large dining room table and many years ago, not only we celebrate my mum, we celebrated my two Nana’s.

How lucky we were to be able to do that.

I’ve been painting my bathroom recently and every time I do that I think of my friend Ned – she was the first female registered painter in Australia. I also think of her, every time Mother’s Day draws near, and many times in between. You see, Ned died at age 40, from breast cancer, in 2009. Her two little boys were four and six. They don’t have the safety net of growing up with a mum. As much as I miss her friendship and laughter, those two little boys must miss her comforting presence to the sky and back again.

Two of my dearest friends can’t celebrate Mother’s Day with their mum’s because they have passed away too. One in particular finds that second Sunday in May almost unbearable.

It’s a privilege to be a mum and I can’t imagine another position I would rather hold. I have my mum to celebrate with and I have my children. I hope, this Mother’s Day you can grab your Mum in a huge hug and enjoy her company. There is nothing like a Mother’s Love.

And to any Mum’s who received Purple Roads for their Mother’s Day present, please leave me a comment and I’ll send you a Happy Mother’s Day pack of a signed sticker, bookmark, fridge magnet and a shopping list… Yes, unfortunately all things we use!

*NB These thought on Mother’s Day first appeared in the RIPE Magazine last month.

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